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Autumn Indulgences | Caramel Apple Crisp | Ooh Oreo | Pumpkin Spice Latte | Sweet "Tater" Pie

(Available until 12/22)

CARAMEL APPLE CRISP is drizzled with a pink Himalayan salted vegan caramel that compliments the tart sweetness of an apple infused semisweet ganache.

OOH OREO is a celebration of a delicious classic is made into a clean sweet treat! An organic, vegan chocolate + vanilla filled sandwich cookie is crafted into a smooth and fluffy cookie cream enrobed in a vanilla infused chocolate shell.

PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE features organic dry roasted pumpkin seeds contrasting a velvety pumpkin infused vegan white chocolate ganache.

SWEET TATER PIE rocks with a forward flavor profile that tastes like the whole pie, crust too. A savory + sweet treat perfect for every fall feast.

Consume within 10 days.